Gift Wrapping

Box filled with colorfully wrapped packages in glittery tissue paper with a foil crown.

Birthday Themed Gift Wrapping:

Just like our birthday boxes, we'll include colorful wrapping of your dice order, stickers, a foil crown (because one should feel like royalty on their birthday), a noise maker, a TTL bookmark, a silicone bracelet that tells everyone whose birthday it is, and a small toy!

Candy and plastic hearts filled with dice surrounded by bright red tissue paper and a fabric rose.

Love Themed Gift Wrapping:

Just like our Dice Lover's box, we'll include your dice in heart shaped boxes (limited to 2 sets - any additional sets will be in regular square boxes), a red fabric rose that will never fade (like your love of dice), stickers, Bach's Conversation Hearts candy, a Ring Pop, and a small heart-themed toy. All wrapped in heart or love themed tissue paper.

Gift Messages:

All messages are hand-written on cards that fit the theme of any wrapping options, box selection, or are otherwise on colorful all-occasion cards.