Welcome to our new site!

In October of last year, the original owners of Tabletop Loot, Dustin & Krista, announced they were going to close the company, not because it wasn't thriving, but because they were about to be super busy. Seeing the post on Twitter, Deven Rue, a friend & well-known cartographer in the tabletop space, offered to take over and continue the amazing company they had started!

A few bumps in the road later, here we are; ready to make your experience at the table even more fun!

  • Soozinnix the goblin has teal and purple hair and wears an eye patch, a fancy maroon coat, black pants and boots, and holds a lute in their gloved and bejeweled hands, standing between a D20 and a Mimic chest.

    Hero Forge

    Meet Soozinnix, the Tabletop Loot mascot! She's a dice goblin bard that plays the loot...er...we mean lute. We created this mini of her on Hero Forge just for funsies.

    Create your next character 
  • Fox.e.poxy Creations

    This Canadian based dice artist teamed up with our own Deven Rue to create this stunning set of Taur'Syldor dice! We will be collaborating with them even more in the future!

    Check out their creations 
  • A collage of drift globe lamps from Works of Whimsy studios.

    Works of Whimsy Studios

    From stunning drift globes, to massive D20s, to unique TTRPG related gifts, Works of Whimsy has it all! We love all the handmade creations and creativity!

    Take a walk in the whimsy side