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Birthday Box

Birthday Box

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Send a birthday surprise to your favorite dice goblin or grab one for yourself!

Our birthday boxes include colorful wrapping of mystery dice, stickers, a foil crown (because one should feel like royalty on their birthday), a noise maker, a TTL bookmark, a silicone bracelet that tells everyone whose birthday it is, and a small toy! Surprise your future self or friends with shiny clickity-clackity math rocks!

Birthday boxes feature different dice sets than our regular dice subscription box so if you're subscribed to that too you will not receive the same sets!

Boxes are sent out within 3-5 days of payment so be sure to purchase it before their/your birthday to ensure it gets there in time! 

Wrapping may vary. Packaging also has birthday text/stickers on the outside.

Ordering multiple birthday boxes will result in you receiving duplicate dice sets.

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Customer Reviews

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Chris C.
A birthday party in a box

Absolutely loved getting the Birthday Box.
The dice sets were beautiful, two of them went right into my play bag and will be making their first appearance at tonight's dnd session.
The card was lovely, and the other included items, the stickers, crown, and toys were a wonderful addition.
Shipping was incredibly fast.