Commonly Asked Questions

Who runs this site/company?
Hi! I'm Stephanie, usually known as Mermaid Stephanie or Teaandtails online! I'm a cosplayer, streamer, and just all around huge nerd! I've been playing dnd for several years now and fell head first into dice goblin mode pretty fast! I started my own company making dice bags which I have integrated into TTL recently! I took over for Deven and Bre after some great opportunities crossed their paths and they ran out of hours in a day. I'm so happy they came to me because I love all things, games, TTRPG, and dice!

Who makes your dice? (Or, why do your dice look like a lot of other retailers?)
A vast majority of our dice come from China, and are made by a company called “HengDa” or “HD.” When we first opened, it was customary to rename the dice because they were all simply named by the color (ex: Blue, Green Swirl”). Recently HD have begun naming their dice with actual product like names. We decided to label our dice the same way, so that’s why you see a mixture of names we made up, and official HD names.

What sets you apart from other dice companies? Or, why should I spend my money with you?
What sets me apart is my customer service. I strive to make sure every single customer is treated like a fellow gamer at my table. I own up to my mistakes, and I'll do everything I can to make them right. I'm also big on giving you custom experiences on this site! From dice subscriptions to dice bag commissions and a hoard of hand made goods! I have so much to offer you to keep you geared up at the the table! 

What if I don't like the dice I received?
Reach out to me! Tell me why. If you think the photos didn't properly represent them, please let me know so I can make some adjustments. I'm always willing to work out a solution.

My package tracking says "Delivered", but it wasn't delivered to my house! What do I do?
This doesn’t happen often, but it sucks when it does. If this happens, reach out to me first and foremost. I’ll double check to make sure that the package was shipped to the address given to me. Then, I’ll make sure that address is the one that will actually get your package to you. If both of those are correct, then you’ll have to contact your local post office and see if maybe it was dropped off at the wrong door. I’ll work with you to hopefully get it resolved to the best of my ability.

What's this I hear about you donating dice to schools or library ttrpg groups?
It’s true. TTL has been donating dice to school and library groups since 2018. The most dice ever sent to one group was 75 sets. It was a library group that had over 60 kids signed up to play. TTL has donated over thousands of sets of dice to school groups. If you’re interested in getting sets donated to your school or library group, click here to learn more about it.