Current Recipient

Tabletop Loot is now accepting donations for this months Gift of Knowledge recipient!

Mason County Central High School has a wonderfully inclusive program called MCC Family Game Knights where they welcome their students and family to come play TTRPGS together! To help all of the students feel welcome and equal, they are looking for dice, books, etc. to make sure families that may not have the means to afford these things can still be a part of the after school program!

Learn more about the school here!


    Donations ideas:

    • Dice sets & loose dice (for damage)
    • Trays
    • Bags
    • Core system books
    • Supplement books
    • Maps
    • Condition tokens
    • Check out our Amazon Wishlist for more ideas or to send items directly to us.

      How to help:

      Mailing address:

      Tabletop Loot
      Stephanie Villanueva
      11005 NW 12th Ave
      Vancouver, WA 98685

      Materials Deadline:

      Send any materials to be received by us by the last day of the month so we can package everything together and ship it to the organization on the 5th of the following month.

      Please check this page before shipping out materials to ensure we are actively collecting for an organization at that time.

      Decorative image of a sword made out of the seven polyhedral dice shapes.

      If you're a school or library who is in need of TTRPG dice, books, maps, or other material, please feel free to fill out our form to possibly be added to our drive!