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Fortune - Novel Digital Download

Fortune - Novel Digital Download

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"Fortune is a world in pieces. After a dark god, now sleeping at its core, tore the world asunder, his siblings did what they could to save what was left, attaching his long, shadowy limbs to the shattered pieces of the planet, holding them aloft. The world moved on and those that survived adapted. Various Elven races dominate the planet, the Fae holding powers over nature, the Jirilan mastering shadow, ice, and even demon, while the Vallamian wield fire and light. A tense peace begins to unwind as a chance meeting leads to a union of the few individuals that could very well find peace and heal the world once and for all."

Written by the owner of Tabletop Loot, this LGBTQ+ positive novel is filled with fantasy and adventure for all TTRPG lovers!


Art by KingCael, PromptoLoco and CherryVaneArt

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