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Necrotic Essence

Necrotic Essence

You’ve finally found it. After all of this time, the crystal that your master sent you to find is within your sights. Slowly you pick up the crystal noticing the swirling black mass and golden runes. You smile, knowing that your first task has been completed and that the final task can now begin. Suddenly, the sharp pain in your hand draws your attention. Your fingers begin to wither and turn black. The smell of rot fills your nostrils as you scream.

***PLEASE READ*** This design allows for some very gorgeous ink swirls, but it can also make some dice in each set appear almost opaque, or even clear. You may need to hold the dice up to a light in order to see the design. Please be aware of this when ordering.

7 Piece Set – Size: D4(16mm), D6(16mm), D8(16mm), D10(16mm), D12(18mm), D20(20mm)D%(16mm)

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