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Soul Stone

Soul Stone

They said that the old man who lived on the drops was a warlock and consorted with demons, but so far all you have found is trinkets. Then, you step on a board and find a hidden room. Quietly, you descend down the stairs. The room is dark, save for one dim light peeking through the cracks of the chest. You swear you hear whispers as you approach it, but it is probably just the first heist jitters. When you open the chest, a brilliant light floods the room, emanating from the only item in the chest. A gem, the size of a small stone. You pick it up, and it’s warm to the touch. “The old man is coming, run.” Not questioning where the warning came from, you take off…

These beautiful dice are loaded with color. Greens, blues, golds, reds, and purples all blend together in this semi-translucent dice set, with gold numbers.

7 Piece Set – Size: D4(16mm), D6(16mm), D8(16mm), D10(16mm), D12(18mm), D20(20mm)D%(16mm)

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